Designing Websites From Scratch

Be it a blog, a small/medium business or your very personal website, Spio will create websites and identities that are not only visually appealing but focus heavily on the ease of use and a solid information architecture.

Redesigning Existing Websites

You already have a website, but it's lost its appeal, grown out of shape, expanded quite a bit or vice versa. It's about time we did something about that awkward and meddlesome situation! How about putting her old and worn clothes to bed and dress her anew with a fresher, perkier outfit that distinguishes her personality, accentuates her strengths and brings in a flock of new admirers?

HTML5 / XHTML Conversion

Does your site suffer from a conglomerate of inscrutable and messy markup? Have you not yet made the transition to modern and clean markup and CSS? Is your site not usable? What about search engine optimization? Look no further, Spio is here to transform your site into a solid, cross-platform and cross-browser web standards compliant and ultra clean markup-ed website.

Photoshop Template Design

You are a programmer who does not feel comfortable in the realm of graphic design and art. You are a logician. You are a web developer with a strong artistic and design vein but simply don't have the time or leisure to create the graphical interfaces for your projects. Or perhaps it's just not your favourable part of design tasks. But it most certainly is mine. I'll create custom templates for you.

Print and Media Design

Brochures, flyers, letterheads, logos, covers, stationery in general. Wedding cards, vintage style postcards, grungy prints, pop art like creations, T-Shirt imprints, custom-crafted gift ideas for your best friend's upcoming anniversary, your mother's birthday or your girlfriend's graduation.

Illustration and Graphics

From digital drawings of various sizes, vector and raster graphics, logo creation, character creation, design elements to enhance your website such as custom-made icons, headers and other graphic elements to compliment your website.


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